Aria is a multichain token

The Arianee protocol is built both on Ethereum mainnet and a side-chain of Ethereum called POAnetwork. Building on both Mainnet and POA enables us to scale the protocol while still benefiting from Ethereum's Decentralized Finance infrastructure. In order to transfer tokens from one chain to the other, we built: the aria bridge

The flow chart below is a schematic representation of the tokenomics of the arianee protocol. To find out the current protocol rates and percentages, please refer to the technical documentation.

On Ethereum

Ethereum is the most popular blockchain for Decentralized Finance (DeFi). DeFi is essential in our architecture because it enables the complete decentralization of the Arianee Protocol. This is why the Aria token was deployed on Ethereum as an ERC20. Thanks to this, the ARIA can be traded on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, Balancer, Sushiswap and many others under the ticker ARIA20.

ARIA20 Ethereum contract address:


POA is a fully-compatible Ethereum sidechain. It is a great solution to deploy smart contracts like the Arianee Protocol, which require low transaction costs and fast execution. ARIAs are necessary to access protocol features and for a certifier to claim its identity. Each aria spent in the protocol is then automatically redistributed between different stakholders according to an incentive manager: the Aria Store.

Technical Documentation
Complete documentation of the Arianee Protocol and its incentive mechanisms.

The Bridge

In order to transfer ARIAs from one chain to another, we built a bridge that locks ARIA20 on Ethereum Mainnet and mints ARIA on POA and vice versa.

The bridge can be accessed here.

Token Distribution

200,000,000 aria and never 1 more!

70 million aria were allocated to token sales (private and public) to fund the early development of the projet.

40 million aria were allocated to the team and early advisors who helped the project.

10 million aria were allocated to Community incentives.

10 million aria were allocated to an Operational Reserve to run tests and to fund the liquidity pools.

70 million aria are kept in a long-term reserve.

Token Lockups

Current circulating supply is aria.

Tokens allocated to the team, advisors and to the token pre-sale are released according to the lock-up schedule below.

Public Sale tokens are liquid upon listing on November 15th 2020.

Team and Private sales token are released on a 5 year schedule (starting January 1st 2021) with an annual cliff of 25%.

Advisor tokens are released on a 2 year schedule (starting January 1st 2021) with an annual cliff of 50%.